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Tattoo Studio VS Parlor

Legend Ink has had many forms over the years. all of which were devoted to giving our clients the best our artists could deliver. None more however than now. Where we had designed and built the studio from the ground up to be the premier space to make your skin fantasies realities.

But not every tattoo studio is built for this, and their history comes from a very different place. which is by no means necessarily negative. However where we have designed our space and work to be open, clean, and spa like. To allow our clientele to focus on themselves, and their transformation. Wether that be just a tattoo large or small, or hiding scars and other skin problems. Most other tattoo parlors however are built to focus on their art, their flash, and their artist no matter how many. This allowed them to have numerous artist working at the same time. To promote a sense of ability in their work. Not to mention an efficiency on finishing each clients work.

Which of course brings us to why we have built our studio so different. Where a traditional parlor may be set up to quickly work through as many clients as they can. We pride ourselves on focusing not on our artwork, or our speed. Instead on the client and their goals for their body. We have large mirrors all around our opatory so they can be appreciating themselves the whole time. So much so we sing about to quote our new sing " look at that smile on her face as she wiggles and giggles in place" in clear reference to what we love to bring people. The happiness and pride in their own body no matter the scars, defects, or anything else.

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