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Cover Up Tattooing

When it comes to tackling the tough problems we are the go to option. Go far beyond basic cover ups and use the power of a master level education in art theory to solve the most complex cover ups. Both Isaiah and Peter Bogdanov know the tricks and have the creative answers to solve even the worst issues.

Black and Grey Portrait Cover Up

Case Studies

Solutions For Covering Up Tattoos

Tribal Armband Cover

The all empowering tribal arm band was super popular back in the day. Now not so much. So here we covered a tribal armband with an outer space creation.

Astronaut colorful cover up

Cheap Is Not Better

You know that guy that says he can do it cheap? Ya, probably best not to go there, but if you did rest assured we can cover it. We take the original idea to cover the old. 

Opaque black and grey Cover Up

Tramp Stamp Cover

There was a time that the lower back tattoo on a woman was the hottest trend. Sadly they became known as tramp stamps and there now is a desire to cover them.

Life Long Back Piece

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