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A studio dedicated to your skin perfection.

Peter Bogdanov

Peter has been tattooing since 1993. He is dedicated to passion in everything he does. Peter specializes in illustrative, freestyle and paramedical tattooing.

Peter Bogdanov Tattoo Artist

Isaiah Bogdanov

Isaiah has been in the family tattoo studio his entire life.  Isaiah is available for all your tattoo needs and specializes in color work in a painterly style.

Isaiah Bogdanov Tattoo Artist

Kayla Villers

Kayla has been doing permanent makeup since 2009. Beauty consulting is always free. Look at her amazing work as a PMU artist and get in touch today.

Welcome to the Bogdanov family tattoo studio. Legend Ink represents Peter Bogdanov, Isaiah Bogdanov and PMU artist Kayla Villers. Our studio is in beautiful downtown St Petersburg, Florida and provides illustrative tattooing as well as paramedical and permanent makeup tattooing.


We are eager to be your guide in the world of skin based art. We help you permanently decorate your body with exquisite expressions of your unique personality.

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Without you, we are nothing.

What sets Legend Ink aside from other tattoo studios in the Tampa Bay area is that we place all of our passion into your ideas. We do not draw for ourselves. We draw for you. We design for you.  Consider us your ally, the consultant, the expert on guiding you. We are here to deliver your art dreams.


Curated galleries of our artists.

Click Here - Peter
Click Here - Isaiah 
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- Kayla

Curated galleries of our services.

Click Here - Paramedical
Click Here - Cover Ups 
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Permanent Makeup


Today we can help burn patients, scar patients, cancer survivors, clients with skin conditions and people with stretch marks to heal the negative feelings these issues can cause.  We have the tools and ability to apply modern tattoo art technique while achieving groundbreaking results for those with skin conditions and other medical needs. 

The Studio 

The Legend Ink studio was built from the ground up to house world class tattooing.  The operatory, design center and client lounge were all designed to place our clients at the center of our attention. The focus is on you, our clients. The interior art showcases our families ability in design with you as our focal point. Our studio also showcases the latest in design technology as we always aim to remain on the cutting edge of creative talent.

Cover Up Tattooing

When it comes to tackling the tough problems we are the go to option. Go far beyond basic cover ups and use the power of a master level education in art theory to solve the most complex cover ups. Peter Bogdanov knows the tricks and has the creative answers to solve even the worst issues.

Luxury Skin

Hostest - Donna Bogdanov

Artist - Isaiah Bogdanov

Lead Artist - Peter Bogdanov

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