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We All Start Somewhere

The notion that true artists are born and not created is a sentiment that has persisted throughout history. It suggests that artistic talent is an innate gift that some individuals possess from the moment they enter the world. While it's true that artistic techniques can be learned and developed through education and practice, not everyone has the intrinsic ability to create art that resonates deeply with others. Peter is one of the individuals who have been born with an inherent artistic creativity in his soul.

Our journey began about 30 years ago. I was taking a few college courses and convinced him to take a couple with me. Among these courses was a painting class. Although Peter had drawn most of his life he found himself captivated by the world of painting. It was the first of many steps on his path to nurturing his artistic abilities.

What made Peter's artistic journey unique and inspiring was not just the technical skills he acquired but the profound passion he had for creating art. His love for the craft was so evident that it transformed their home, turning dinner parties into artistic gatherings. The painting room became a centerpiece of these social gatherings, with whatever painting Peter was currently working on taking center stage. Peter would often pick up his paintbrushes and create right there in front of everyone while the room filled with laughter, discussions, and the clinking of glasses.

This part of our history beautifully illustrates that while artistic techniques can be taught, true artistic creativity, that innate spark that sets someone apart as a genuine artist, often seems to be something one is born with. In Peter's case, it was not just about painting; it was about the deep connection he had with the creative process and his ability to share that passion with others. It's a testament to the idea that true artists are born with a unique artistic soul that can't be manufactured or replicated.

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