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You helped someone get free ink today!

Program Rules

Legend Ink clients are all eligible to use our Ambassador Referral Form to share the love and earn 10% commissions on any customer lead that gets a tattoo from us. Simple copy the URL of this page or use the QR code to share this form with someone you know that needs ink. 

Legend Ink now asks all new customers who referred them. We then grant the referral customer with a 10% commission redeemable for tattoo services on their next tattoo session.


Use the form as often as you like. Refer as many people as you can. The more 10% commissions you get the sooner your next tattoo session will be free.

Commissions are only redeemable as service discounts. No cash value. Simply make a referral and when the custom mentions your name on their first session, you will get a 10% commision to be used as a discount off your next tattoo session with Legend Ink. 

Ambassador Referral Form

If you are a new Legend Ink customer fill out the form below and let us know who referred you.

Share The QR

Legend Ink customers can share this unique QR code to send their friends directly to this page so signing up for a session is super easy.  If you are not yet a Legend Ink customer, once you have your first tattoo from us, you too will be an ambassador and can earn 10% commissions as well.

Sharing Tools

Here are a few Legend Ink images you can use on social media to share the love and get more referral commissions. Share as often as you like. When a new customer gets tattooed we will ask them who referred them and you will get a 10% credit. 

Right Click To Download Images

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