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Kayla Villers

Creating Confidence

Certified Paramedical Micropigmentologist Kayla Villers creates the
beauty that you dream of having each and every day. Insured Certified
Paramedical Micropigmentologist Kayla has had all her one on one
training at Boca, Florida at A.A.M.  Academy in 2009 taught by Doreen Lingren
,F.A.A.M. ,cm ,S.P.C.P ,a celebrity makeup artist who has appeared on
Extreme Makeover ,The Rick Sanchez Show, and the Today Show.


Also trained and certified in Blood borne Pathogens and Infectious Control
for tattoos. In 2018 trained at Nouvour Contour for Microblading. Being in the beauty industry for 15 years this is Kayla's true passion. Specializing in enhancing your natural beauty. When she’s not at the studio Kayla is a mom of 3 and can be found running around to all the local sport events cheering her kids on.

    What is permanent makeup? The implantation of pigments into the
dermis layer of the skin. Application of daily makeup can be time
consuming and inconvenient. The rubbing and smudging of it makes it
frustrating. Good candidates for permanent makeup would be someone
with poor vision, allergies, and active, lifestyle, alopecia and
limited time.

    Some people decide to have permanent makeup not just for the
convenience factor, but others may have had surgeries or diseases which
cause them to be physically altered. Emotional scars are equal to physical ones. Correcting these issues is called Paramedical Micro pigmentation. Some candidates would be someone who has had a mastectomy, vitiligo, scarring from a face lift,

or a breast augmentation. So stop spending hours trying to hide
your scars. Have Certified Paramedical Micropigmentologist Kayla work
with you to conceal these scars and make you feel more confidant.

The PMU portfolios of Kayla Villers


Permanent Makeup

Creating confidence through the use of permanent makeup in all its various forms.


I also help clients with scar camouflaging and will soon be providing hair pigmentation or scalp pigmentation. 

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