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Paramedical Tattooing

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

I love helping people adapt to life and become champions of their own story. In today’s case study we look at Alicia’s journey to overcome a skin condition using the art form of ParaMedical Tattooing to plant a garden where insecurity had reigned previously.

What could cover up these skin blemishes?

We decided to plant a garden of orchids. All of these flowers are freehand, freestyle drawn directly onto the skin - no stencils. Almost all of the flowers came from photos of our personal Hawaiian garden on Kauai. So awesome to see it in the morning and tattoo it mid day. I also love that each flower design was dictated by the skin blemish below it. This is why we chose not to use stencils. We drew what was there in flower form.

Not only did we cover up the skin condition but we also helped her cover up a previous tattoo. Rather we reworked the older tattoo from traditional tattoo style to better incorporate with the painterly style the client actually wanted.

Stories like this are exactly why we do paramedical tattooing. Having the ability to offer a service that can cover the scars and pain of the past where even surgeries fail is a blessing that we adore. Especially since like all art, it can take a vast array of forms and meanings. More importantly as a result be designed to work with any blemish or scar.

So if you ever feel like you're stuck with the marks life has left you think again. We more than happily design and create artwork to replace them. Replacing them and any pain or embarrassment that comes with them.

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