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Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup, also called a cosmetic tattoo or micropigmentation, is done with the use of a pen containing iron oxide that tattoos the skin and to create the look of makeup. A tattoo can mimic eyeliner or lipstick, or it can darken and create the look of thicker eyebrows.

 Some people decide to have permanent makeup not just for the
convinence factor but others may have had surgeries or diseases which
cause them to be physically altered which causes much distress.
Emotional scars are equal to physical ones. This kind of permanent
makeup is called Paramedical Micropigmentation. Some candidates would
be someone who has had a mastectomy, vitaligo, scarring from a face
lift or breast augmentation. So stop spending hours trying to hide
your scars. Have Certified Paramedical Micropigmentologist Kayla work
with you to conceal these scars and make you feel more comfortable.


Looking to wake up with your liner, brows, or lips already perfectly done each day?

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Have you ever wished a flawless face of makeup could remain intact, so that when you wake up you can just roll out of bed ready to go? Thanks to permanent makeup, that wish could become a reality. 

Permanent makeup refers to cosmetic tattoos that help you recreate your favorite makeup looks in a semipermanent manner.


Chances are, you've already heard of microblading. Thanks to an exponentially exploding interest in brows over the past few years, the eyebrow-tattooing technique has gone mainstream. But brows are just the beginning. You can also get just-bitten pink lips, sharp-lined eyes, or even faux freckles.

Makeup Options

Permanent Makeup

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