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The Cover Up Tattoos

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

We are known for handling some of the worlds most difficult tattoo cover up projects. Today we showcase a few of our recent and past projects that showcase what is possible.


Recreate something out of something horrible. Here we turn an old busted tribal something into a brand new color octopus. This project was done all freestyle. There was no stencil or picture that was copied. We used the old image to let us know where the new legs would go so as to maximize the cover up effectiveness.

Thankfully just about everything can be covered given enough time, and proper design. Regardless of whether it means covering a jailhouse sleeve, or a completely black tree proper artwork and time can be the difference between your past and fantastical future.

It's these skills that we passionately display and pass down. The above being a number of Peter's work while below is our younger artist Isaiah. Our prices for cover ups really depend on the issue at hand. Both Peter and Isaiah are well versed in this magic.

Moral of the lesson is that there's no reason to let old decisions hold you back. Whether it was a poor tattoo, a faded one, or a bad idea. We will happily cover it with almost anything you could dream of!

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1 Comment

Donna Bogdanov
Donna Bogdanov
Jul 01, 2022

These cover up projects are all amazing!

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