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The Beauty of Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a permanent makeup procedure that involves depositing pigments into the lips to enhance their color and shape. The goal is to achieve a natural-looking, flushed appearance, hence the term "blushing." It can help define the lip border, add color, and give the illusion of fuller lips. During the lip blushing procedure Kayla uses a handheld tool or tattoo machine to carefully apply the pigment to the lips. The pigments are typically chosen to match or enhance the natural lip color, we can customize the shade based on the client's preferences. The process begins with a consultation to discuss the desired outcome and choose the appropriate color. Topical anesthetic is applied to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Kayla creates an outline of the lips and gradually fills them with the selected pigment. The technique involves multiple layers and feathering to achieve a soft, blended effect. After the procedure, the lips may appear more intense in color and slightly swollen. As the healing process continues the color will soften and settle into a more natural shade. It's essential to follow the aftercare instructions. The longevity of lip blushing varies from person to person but typically lasts between 1 to 3 years. Touch-up sessions may be necessary to maintain the desired color and shape over time.

Lip Blushing is a great option for anyone wanting beautiful lips all day everyday.Contact Legend Ink to book a consultation with Kayla.

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