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Pain Free Tattooing!

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

No exaggeration with the newest upgrade to our pain management process we can offer a virtually painless tattoo session.

Painless Tattoo Process

We are literally tattooing with 100% no pain for as much as 80% of a tattoo session. The other 20% is at a 40% reduction as well. If you were ever worried about getting a tattoo because of pain or you were avoiding where you really want your next tattoo due to pain, come try out the game changer.

Our process involves up to 4 different lidocaine based products which numb the area we work on. The first application sets in for short of an hour before we start tattooing. During the session we may use the other lidocaine based products that add to and continue the numbing process. After the first pass around the design has opened up the skin for the design the second application is applied. This numbs the area almost completely for the rest of the session. Even in the case of incredibly long sessions where it might fade towards the 6th or 7th hour it can always be reapplied. This process culminates into a virtually painless tattoo experience.

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Isaiah Bogdanov
Isaiah Bogdanov
01 lug 2022

I've had the pleasure of using our improved pain management service numerous times now, and can confirm how effective it is. Wether its on the knee, elbow, or wherever its too good to pass up.

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