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3D Nipples

Legend Ink and Peter Bogdanov present the art of Tattooing 3D Nipples for the recovery of human form following a breast surgery. A mastectomy, breast reduction and or breast enlargement along with breast removal for gender transitioning are all areas in which the design and application of 3D Nipple Tattooing comes into play. Today we go into detail on two case studies. One regarding a gender transition surgery and the other a mastectomy for cancer treatment. In both cases the surgeries were failed attempts at nipple reconstruction. We then show the math, theories and processes that take place to deliver realistic human nipples.

Gender Transition Surgical Nipple Post Operation - The Before Picture

As the photo above demonstrates the nipples reconstructed after surgery have a few issues. The first such issue is the ring scar shape which is actually where the previous attempt at a tattoo nipple had fallen out. The second issue in the dark centers and lastly we have nipples that are not level right to left side. Any of these issues are hard to solve. Solving all three of them requires some understanding of math and illusion working together.

Left Nipple - Post 3D Nipple Tattoo by Peter Bogdanov

On the left nipple we had to lighten the overall area. We then set about adding depth to locate and show the center area and to give it shadow. We then add in many imperfections, bumps and creases to form a true realistic 3D Nipple. We also had to relocate this side down as we would work the right side up, this having them work together to improve the alignment of both. That is where the math comes in.

Right Nipple - Post 3D Nipple Tattoo by Peter Bogdanov

For the left nipple we had to solve a large inner nipple shape that had been made too large and dropped down. This side also had ink remaining from a dropped out attempt at the nipple tattoo from the surgery. This shape of scar also made a natural drop shadow that was not appropriate. We set aside about solving these issues by redesigning the overall nipple and adding the right amount of imperfections to make it realistic. To handle the out of place nipple scar we had to go deep into the tricks. We first shadowed the entire lower nipple. This also fixed the level of both nipples. We then used a ink lightening technique to enhance the nipple drop shadow. Together with some upper nipple highlights, this brought the 3D look as it actually solved the issues.

Our after photos are weeks after complete healing. Our final shot above shows off the pair of nipples now sitting level and the dark centers have been removed. The dropped out ink replaced and done at a much higher level of detail. Gender Breast Transition now beautifully complete.

Our second case study takes a look at mastectomy surgery and a botched nipple reconstruction attempt by the medical team.

The Before Picture - Mastectomy Nipple Reconstruction Attempt

As we see in the before picture the nipple reconstruction had failed. The team did an awesome job with life saving surgery, however the nipple reconstruction did not come out well. Legend Ink and Peter Bogdanov got to work solving the issues. The first and most obvious issue is how how of position and un level the previous nipples were. Both off up and down as well as left to right. One of the nipples was created medium and size and the other large. The tattooing on the areola surrounding area completely dropped out. We had our work cut out for us.

Show the math

As my teachers always said, show your math. Here I show you how we use laws of geometry to completely reposition the set. By adjusting one up, the other down, one over and the other left, we are able to fix the symmetry. You can also see where I absorb the old nipple in the areola of our new work.

The Finished Work

In our finished result we enjoy a level and well positioned set of 3D nipples helping one woman bring her self esteem and self image back to life after surviving breast cancer and the surgeries involved.

We hope you enjoy this insight into the world of 3D Nipple Tattooing.

Today we can help burn patients, scar patients, cancer survivors, clients with skin conditions and people with stretch marks to heal the negative feelings these issues can cause. We have the tools and ability to apply modern tattoo art technique while achieving groundbreaking results for those with skin conditions and other medical needs. Tattooing while applied correctly offers a massive benefit in healing and self appreciation.

Paramedical tattoo consultations are always free.

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Peter Bogdanov
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