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Painting & Tattooing

Painting and painters have been a source of inspiration for many people, including tattoo artists and those seeking tattoos. From classical paintings to contemporary works, the art of painting has provided a wealth of subject matter and style for tattoos. Whether you’re looking for an abstract design, a portrait, or a representation of a famous painting, the possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating the world of painting into your tattoo.

One of the most popular sources of inspiration for tattoos is classical paintings. From the works of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci to the intricate designs of Hieronymus Bosch, these

masterpieces have been reimagined as tattoos time and time again. For example, the iconic figure of the "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci has been interpreted in a variety of ways, from an accurate depiction to a stylized version with a modern twist. These tattoos often capture the essence of the original painting while also reflecting the individual style of the tattoo artist.

contemporary painters and street artists have also become popular sources of inspiration for tattoos. For example, the works of Banksy, a famous street artist known for his politically charged murals and graffiti, have been tattooed on many people. These tattoos often serve as a statement on political and social issues, as well as a tribute to the work of the artist.

In addition to classical and contemporary paintings, tattoo artists are also inspired by the styles and techniques of famous painters. For example, the bold, gestural brushstrokes of Vincent van Gogh and the vibrant, whimsical designs of Pablo Picasso have been incorporated into tattoos in a variety of ways. These tattoos often have a loose, expressive quality that pays homage to the artists who inspired them.

Whether you’re looking for a timeless masterpiece or a contemporary piece of art, there are many ways to incorporate the world of painting into your tattoo. Whether you choose a classic paintin

g, a modern work, or a representation of a famous painter’s style, your tattoo can be a unique and meaningful expression of your personal tastes and interests.

This of course doesn't end with new or old famous paintings. Instead we at Legend Ink have been using our painting talent in tattooing sense the end of nineties. Our most memorable example being Michael Seline who had peter custom paint the 3 main portions of his tattoo as shown above.

So no matter your artistic dreams for your body we're always eager to be your guide into the world of skin based art.

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