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New Age Inspiration

Custom Generated References

One of the issues with getting amazing artwork, especially tattoo work, is that every step of the art work needs to be paid for. That cost can add up very quickly regardless of how custom your ideas might be. Although we've come up with ways to mitigate these challenges with our design session model there are still times when a client wants or needs to have their artwork custom created. In those cases we've managed to find another new solution as technology and new tools improve.

Those new tools being Ai! By utilizing a combination of art generators, digital design work, and other new age tools we can create numerous iterations of any concept no matter how outlandish in minutes rather than hours. Making our creative process more and more efficient as both the technology, and our skill in properly using its many different iterations improves.

Don't just take my word for it though. Get inspired by the many creative concepts that would otherwise take hours of artwork to even properly visualize.

Next Step

This of course is just scratching the surface, and only the beginning of our use of these practically sifi tools. Our next step into the field is to not only create new and varied references, but inspirations! Using the same tools to custom create and tailor full blown tattoo designs to showcase how all this artwork can grow across a clients body.

Once again please look for yourself, and don't let your ink dreams remain fantasy.

So keep an eye out as we continue to learn and innovate with every new age artistic tool we get our hands on! Until we manage to inspired your next ink Fantasy!

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