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Memorializing Your Love with Couples Tattoos

Getting a couples tattoo is a significant and intimate decision for many partners. Guiding clients through this process involves offering both creative and practical advice. Here are some key dos and don'ts from the perspective of a tattoo artist:


1. Do Think Long-Term

We encourage couples to consider the longevity of their relationship and the permanence of tattoos. While love can be eternal, the same should be true for the ink on their skin. So we advise them to choose designs that they believe will hold personal significance long into the future.

2. Do Choose Meaningful Designs

A couples tattoo should reflect something meaningful about the relationship. Whether it's a shared interest, a memorable experience, or a symbol of their bond, meaningful designs tend to be more cherished and less likely to be regretted.

3. Do Opt for Timeless and Subtle Designs

We suggest classic and subtle designs that can stand the test of time. Small symbols, coordinates, or dates can be powerful yet understated choices. Timeless designs are less likely to feel dated or irrelevant as trends change.

4. Do Consider Placement Carefully

We advise on thoughtful placement of the tattoos. Locations that are easily coverable are often a wise choice, especially for those who may want to keep their tattoo discreet in professional or social settings.

5. Do Ensure Both Partners Are 100% Sure

Both partners should be equally committed to getting the tattoo. We make sure they discuss their decision thoroughly and individually before committing. Mutual enthusiasm and certainty are crucial to avoid future regret.

6. Do Encourage Professional Consultation

As artist professionals, we offer a consultation to discuss their ideas and expectations. We provide our professional opinion on design, size, placement, and care. This can help set realistic expectations and ensure both parties are happy with the result.


1. Don’t Rush the Decision

Couples are advised against making impulsive decisions. Getting a tattoo on a whim, especially as a couple, can lead to regret. So we encourage them to take their time and ensure the decision is well thought out.

2. Don’t Overlook Individual Preferences

We remind couples that they are still individuals. It's important that each person is comfortable with the design and placement. A tattoo should be a personal choice, even within a couple's context.

3. Don’t Choose Complex Designs for Small Areas

Complicated designs can lose clarity and detail when scaled down. We recommend simpler designs if the tattoo is intended for a small area. This ensures the tattoo ages well and remains visually appealing over time.

4. Don’t Ignore Aftercare Instructions

We stress the importance of aftercare. Proper healing is crucial to the longevity and appearance of the tattoo. Comprehensive aftercare instructions are provided and we emphasize following them meticulously.

5. Don’t Use Names or Initials Lightly

Names or initials can be a risky choice. While they can be deeply personal, they are also challenging to cover up or alter if the relationship changes. So we encourage couples to think carefully about incorporating names into their tattoos.

6. Don’t Disregard Professional Advice

Sometimes clients may have unrealistic expectations or ideas that don't translate well into tattoos. We politely but firmly advise against designs that may not work well, and suggest alternatives that better suit their vision and our professional standards.


Couples tattoos can be a beautiful and lasting expression of love when done thoughtfully and with care. As artists, our role is to guide our clients through this meaningful process with expertise and sensitivity. By following these dos and don'ts, we can help couples make informed decisions that they will cherish for a lifetime.

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