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Fusion of Artists and Styles

Isaiah Bogdanov Rafael Cassaro

History to Future

Rafael has been a trusted fellow artist to our family for years now. So we were more than happy to host him for a week during one of his trips. He a master of black and grey style tattooing, and only continued to showcase that during his stay. Both his portfolio before and after his trip features loads of flawless grey work. Including illustrative work, and even portraiture.

As a result we have worked with Rafael a number of times both as a studio and as artists. In my case none more stand out when a client from his last trip to us, Kelly, was ready to work on her sleeve. We worked together designing the concept for her whole arm. As a result put my colorful painterly style along side Rafael's work

Of course as a younger artist the idea was intimidating, But flowers and starry skies were some of my favorite, and most practiced subjects. So after finalizing my ideas we set out to start by decorating Rafael's portrait of her parents with sunflowers. Before moving on to incorporate the flowing starry sky,

and much more to come.

I still have loads of work ahead of me to finish her sleeve. Working my way down, incorporating the rest of her work, etc. But passing the milestone of upholding Rafael's master level quality will always be a fantastic feeling. Tremendous thanks to both Rafael and Kelly for working on this project with me.

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