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From Screen to Skin

I grew up with a fascination for artwork. Which as a kid of course started with cartoons and anime. However as we and our appreciation grows artwork in all it's forms grows in importance. So of course as their meaning changes for us the same icons stand for something new and better. So of course Steven Libby came to check out our new studio in St.Petersburg's The One building I was over the moon when he asked for a Ghibli tribute.

Ghibli and its Fans

Steven, like me, grew up enjoying the many timeless Ghibli movies. So we got to bond over them while we worked together crafting this large leg piece. Managing to include Howl's moving Castle, Spirited Away, and a whole lot more. This will never stop with just Ghibli, but the joy of being able to share these characters, movies, and stories is something Special. Especially when put to skin.

However work of this scale doesn't happen over night.

Piece by piece we put this project together Starting with line work, and filling our way down as we came up with more and more ideas. From the small like the splash effect on the sky matching the fallen star Howl catches. To the large like the later addition of Chihiro riding Haku. All of this just to say Artwork wether cartoon or Mona Lisa is an amazing thing that I love to share with each client especially any we can appreciate together.

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1 Comment

Peter Bogdanov
Peter Bogdanov
Jul 02, 2022

Loved watching this one step by step.

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