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Family Memories

Starting with a concept for his child hood memories of baseball and his father me and Richard first set to working on his shoulder. Painting inspired by some classic baseball paintings, and incorporating the iconic Angel's big A we knocked his first memorial piece out of the park.

Half time

However that was only the 1st inning. Wanting to commemorate the rest of his family we happily moved on to painting other nostalgic memories like his time playing golf with his father. As we kept working on each concept we've now gone from 1 and 2 all the way to 4 and 5 different concepts! All of which in some way incorporating his love for his family and their history.

I have been all too happy to be the artist helping Richard Finalize these works from free canvas or cover up to full blown paintings.

Astonishingly we still have more concepts to realize together. So I hope you'll remember to check back when we add those to this post, and my portfolio. Lastly I look forward to meeting and working with any one who may have been inspired by our work together.

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