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Emily's Journey

Today we look at a large scale cover up tattoo on Emily. The smile says it all. From the before pic where we have no smile to the closing results where shinning bright dominates the mood. Bring us your difficult ones and we will help you transform from bad and ugly to bold and beautiful.

If you like our work, please share, comment and like. The hardest part about helping people like this is educating them that it is even possible. So we need your help. Share the shine.....

What I want people to know most about this ground breaking style of cover up work is the empowering interpersonal transformations. After living with scars be them actual or just perceived, removing them and replacing them with high art is a spectacular journey to watch.

Noticing our customers facial expressions when photographing what they would like gone has always been import for us. It is the bench mark that gives life to the progress we are about to make.

After session one we can already see the human spirit rise. There is no better feeling for a artist than t have our friends wearing our work with such pride. Let’s see how Emily’s journey continues from here. I am sure the smiles will grow.

In every inked masterpiece lies a story of transformation, and Emily's journey encapsulates the power of artistry to redefine self-expression. As we celebrate her radiant smile and the remarkable evolution from concealment to confidence, we invite you to embark on your own transformative path. Let us be your partners in turning challenges into triumphs, as together, we create beauty from every stroke of ink. Join us in embracing the bold and the beautiful, one tattoo at a time.

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