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Design a Dream or Finish a Fantasy

Designer ink by Isaiah Bogdanov

Armed with generations of artistic talent Isaiah loves to start is projects custom tailoring a client’s ideas into finalized art. Not just hearing them out and drafting the concept, but sitting with them hearing out every facet, and working together to build their ink fantasy. Sadly he also knows that not everyone realizes how much value this step has.

So in an effort to Make sure no one misses out he’s heading a Starter’s pack deal! 20% off any half or full day session booked alongside a design session. Giving you the best start no matter what Fantastical fantasies you have!

Detailing a Dream

For those on the other spectrum who's been waiting and trying to get the last few sessions in Isaiah is just as eager to finish those projects too! So of course Isaiah is also setting up a 20% each half or full day session booked 2 or more at a time. That way anyone who's been dying to finish can jump right back in!

Neither of these deals are sticking around forever though. So better to be fast, and make your dreams a reality today so you can enjoy them tomorrow.

No time like the present, Act Today!

This is far from a forever deal. So wether you’ve been waiting to start or to finish the best time to act is now!

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