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What is Permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup also known as Cosmetic tattooing or Micro pigmentation had been around since the 1930s. Done by implanting pigment with a digital pen like machine into the dermis layer of the skin. You are able to achieve natural everyday makeup like results.

These results can mimic eyeliner and lip color.But can also add thickness and realistic hair like strokes to a sparse brow.

This is very popular among the generation that over tweezed. Also a great option for post cancer clients that have lost lashes and brows during chemotherapy treatment.Permanent makeup has many benefits. It enhances and restores people's features.

This procedure takes about an hour. With little to no downtime.During your initial visit you will have your permanent makeup drawn on to see what the exact results will be.And a color will be chosen together, it will be mixed taking into consideration all the color theory factors.Topical anesthetic is used before and during to make the client comfortable.After the

procedure you will be sent home with aftercare instructions on healing.

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