Aspirations for greatness!
After honing my skills during my stay in Kauai I am elated to start some awesome projects, and enter the next big step in my career here in San Francisco.
Isaiah Bogdanov Video Showcase
Turning fantasy into reality.

I’ve spent my whole life watching my father turn people’s dreams into paintings on skin. So of course I’ve spent just as much time learning how to do it myself. After a good long while under his wing it’s high time I make my dream a reality. To do that I need all of you. So bring on your highest flights of fancy, because my fantasy is seeing everyone’s dreams come true! Let's tattoo.

Isaiah Bogdanov Artist
  • Vegeta

    Custom Color

  • Diamond Wave

    Black & Gray

  • Hibicus

    Custom Flower Design

  • Octo Wine

    Black & Gray

  • Tiki God

    Color Custom Design

  • Bulbasaur

    Nerd Culture Tattooing

  • Star Wars rebel Logo

    Custom Designed Color

  • Thors Hammer Tiki

    Tiki God and Hammer Mosh Up

  • Family Tree

    Cover Up Project

  • Bulbasaur

    Nerd Culture Tattoo

  • Geometric Rose

    Custom Rose Design

  • D&D World Tree

    Custom Tree

  • Harry Potter Symbol

    Nerd Culture Tattoo

  • Complete Redo

    Re-Color, Re-Tattoo & Fix

  • Classic Heart

    Cover up project

  • Flower & Name

    Rebuild and Redo Flower

  • Little Fish

    Color Paint Style Tattoo

  • Turtle

    Custom Turtle Memory

  • Hour Glass

    Custom Hour Glass Illustration

Isaiah Bogdanov Video Showcase
I love meeting and working with new clients. What are your dreams for your skin?
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Nerd Culture Tattooing

We’ve been labeled for our passions through out the ages. Nerds they calls us for loving with all we are the things we do. So wear it like a crown with your own custom art. Showcase how deep your passion goes with a tattoo that is all you. Everything from the classics like comics, and D&D to newer things like anime, and video games. Lets show off just why everything we love has made it through the ages!

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Isaiah Bogdanov Video Showcase