Covering Scars, 3D Nipples, Cover Ups

As tattoo artists we all know how much more gratifying it is when a person purchases our art to place on their skin. We also know when we mix memorial and or physiological subject matter we even get to share in the joy of emotional recovery for our clients. Now imagine a world where a tattoo artist can give all that plus the healing magic burn victims and cancer survivors deserve. Tattooing 3D nipples over breast scarring or organic scenes of beauty over extreme burns heals one's self image in a powerful way. You need only spend one minute with one of these people to see the full power tattooing has to heal and change lives.

Peter's life is now dedicated to this form of tattoo art. His gifts allow him to free people's pain and to remove their agony behind shattered self images. Where as skin graphs and other dermatology services can only lesson the scars, tattooing can all but remove them and the negative emotions these scars create.

We are at the dawn of an entire new generation of enhancement studios delivering beauty beyond words, as works of art on skin and body. Peter Bogdanov has a bold vision behind cosmetic and medical reconstructive tattooing and the new age clinics Legend Ink is establishing. Burn victims, breast cancer survivors, scar victims and other medical patients can now look to tattooing to solve problems plastic surgeons and doctors can not.

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