Peter Bogdanov

Bad Petrovich In The House.

Welcome to Legend Ink. My name is Peter Bogdanov. I am dedicated to providing master-pieces in everything I do.

Artist Statement
"I create because it is what I was born to do. I have a unique ability to read emotion and to fly forward boldly. To me art is the medium. Life is my canvas. Talent has no boundaries. Prolific and Gifted, I am an Artist with a capital "A." Vulnerable. Brave. Addicted to life. Here to inspire."

Tattoo Pricing
I start session pricing at $400 for a basic tattoo, $600 for moderate scale, $800 for my Sweet Spot and $1,200 for all day sessions.

I hope my work inspires you. I enjoy designing amazing tattoos in a collaboration with my clients. My core passion is about helping other people see dreams out loud. If you have ideas or even if you don't, I can help you get to your next legendary tattoo. Although I am known for larger tattoo projects, I tattoo just about anyone and anything as long as doing it great is what matters. I don't really consider myself to have a singular style. My style is all about what you are after and getting you there. Please reach out and book a session today.

To see more of my work visit me on or check out my personal Instagram account at

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