Legend Ink - St Petersburg, Florida.
World Class Tattoo Artistry.

The Bogdanov family brings you a studio rich in tattoo history with the hospitality we are famous for. Peter, Donna and Isaiah Bogdanov invite you to a tattoo experience like no other. Join us inside Legend Ink, a studio dedicated to your skin perfection.

Opening February 2021

We are currently building our studio from the ground up and plan to be open to the public by February, 2021. We are taking new clients for scheduling in March.

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Downtown St Petersburg

We are located in beautiful downtown St Petersburg in the marina area just off Beach drive next to the art museums, galleries and fine dining.

(727) 317-7989
140 First Avenue North
St Petersburg Florida 33701

We would love to hear your tattoo ideas.
Following the American Dream..

Welcome to the Bogdanov family tattoo studio, Legend Ink, representing the father and son team of Isaiah and Peter Bogdanov. We are eager to be your guide in the world of skin based art. Our family has over 30 combined years in the art form. We are capable masters of many styles. We help you permanently decorate your skin with exquisite expressions of your unique personality.

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The Master Artist
Peter Bogdanov

Peter has been tattooing since 1993. He is dedicated to passion in everything he does. Peter specializes in illustrative, freestyle and paramedical tattooing. His award winning work has been published in international magazines and expos. A very down to earth artist, Peter works with clients to design very personal artistic images that are unique and one of a kind, everytime.

Let's create something amazing just for you.

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The Prolific Son
Isaiah Bogdanov

Having grown up inside a tattoo studio his entire life, Isaiah was literally born to tattoo. In just six years he has tattooed well over 100 customers in a vast array of styles and techniques. Isaiah is as blue collar as they come when it comes to who and what he tattoos. A true work horse, Isaiah loves to tattoo what you are after in the stule you want. Isaiah is available for walk ins and by appointment and he loves to work with groups of people sharing an experience.

Reach out today and start something amazing.

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Paramedical Tattooing.

We are at the dawn of an entire new generation of enhancement studios. Never before have such grand masters participated in the art forms surrounding the enhancement and beautification of the human body. Today we can help burn patients, cancer survivors, skin conditons and people with scars to heal the negative feelings these issues can cause. The ability to design the human body has reached an unprecedented level in our human history delivering beauty beyond words, as works of art on skin and body. At Legend Ink, we don't just want to tattoo, we want you to realize the full potential of your own personal legend. Paramedical tattoo consultations are always free.

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Skin Grafts
Tattooing over burns.

Peter Bogdanov works with patients to cover, mask and hide skin grafts, burns and other severe skin conditions. This form of paramedical tattooing provides healing power and self esteem where burns once ruled.

3D Nipples
Helping cancer survivors win.

At Legend Ink we take the art form of 3D nipple tattooing very seriously. These tattoos have to be done hyper realistic and can not be trusted to an average artist. Peter Bogdanov will help guide you in your choices and provide a beautiful outcome.

Stretch marks & Scars
Covering the blemishes of life.

Covering scars is a very tricky process that requirres a master level of art understanding. The rules are very complex and it takes a grand imagination to help hide, diescise and cover tramatic scars. Legend Ink specializes in the work.

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